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School Programs

English Learner Program (EL)

Our high quality English Learner Program instruction is first within their regular classroom setting. If additional support is needed, it is under our intervention tier I and tier II programs.

Students that are EL's will take the ELPAC test in the spring from March - April. ELPAC test results are mailed home during the summer time. All EL's are monitored throughout the year and can be reclassified RFEP starting in 1st grade. 

Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE)

The GATE program at California Elementary School is designed to provide students with a challenging learning experience within their own classroom setting. They receive differentiated instruction withing their regular classroom. In addition, they participate in a field trip at the end of the year designed to provide an enriching and challenging experience in a stimulating environment.

Students must qualify for GATE. All students in 4th grade take a standardized test during January or February. 

More information will follow when students are ready to take the GATE test.

Intervention Program

Students can be referred to our ELA intervention program throughout the year their teachers if they show a need for additional support beyond what is available for them in their regular classroom. Under the direction of our TOSA and Intervention Specialist, students participate in an intensive small group 6-8 week literacy pull-out program. Student progress is monitored closely and students can be exited from the program. Some students who need additional support will be referred to the Solutions Focused Team (SFT). 

After School Del Haven Program

We have an after school program that goes from Monday - Friday, from 2:10-6:00 p.m., Thursdays from 1:10-6:00 p.m. The after school program is run by the Del Haven Community Center. If you'd like to sign up or would like to inquire about our free after school program, make sure to...

1. call our school office: (626) 933-5201

2. call Del Haven directly: (626) 917-9789

Our after school program is held on site and students need to be picked up at California Elementary School. 

Various After School Programs

We offer various other programs at California Elementary School

1. Good News Club - Meets every Wednesdays in the library (permission slip required)

2. Cross Country Team

3. Upper Grade Basketball

4. Young Rembrants Art

5. Mad Science

6. Youth Science Center

7. Video Production

8. Recorder Club