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Lee, Kim


Carrasco, Diane

(Office Manager)

Support Staff

Tapia, Denise


Acevedo, Araceli


Meza, Elizabeth


Muljana, Susan  

(S&L Pathologist) 

Belanger, Donna


Paredes, Lisbeth


Ahn, Timothy


Dalrymple, Eileen

(Instructional Aide)

Robbins, Debra 


DiPietro, Marcello

(Custodian II)

Vargas, Joann

(Instructional Aide)

Rodriguez, Azucena


Pfiefroth, Jane


Bastista, Cindy


Not Pictured

Martin Montoya (Cafeteria Manager)

Richard Camp (Custodian I)

Ashley Fragoso (IA)

Maria Manahan (Student Support TOSA)


Bissonnette, Ashley


Flores, Kathleen

1st Grade

Hayward, Victoria

3rd and 4th Grade

Camp, Rosemarie


Tang, Jenniece

1st Grade

Sanchez, Nancy

5th Grade

Cabrera, Tammy

Transitional Kindergarten

Narayan, Reena

2nd Grade

Cook, Kathleen 

6th Grade

Martinez, Christina


Aguiar, Kelly

2nd and 3rd Grade

Pena, Teresa

6th Grade

Wearp, Diane


Munoz, Adriana

3rd Grade

Not Pictured

Johnson, Rick - 4th and 5th Grade

California Staff

We love our staff members! We have an awesome group of teachers and support staff that are here to help serve our school and community on a daily basis! Thank you for all that you do! GO BEARS!!!

Contact Information

If you would like to contact your child's teacher, please click on their grade level above.  You may choose to email them or contact the office at (626) 933-5201 to leave a voice message.  Please allow 24 hours (longer on the weekends) to be contacted. Due to the teacher's busy classroom schedules, they may not be able to receive the message right away. We thank you for your patience.